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The McDonald College

17 George Street

North Strathfield NSW2137

Tel: 02 9752 0500

Fax: 02 8765 0195



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Boarding: Yes

International Students: Yes

Performing Arts Academy: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Striving for Excellence in Performance

The McDonald College is Australia's leading Academic and Performing Arts College. We aim to engender a deep love of performance whilst fostering academic rigour and wider love of learning. We understand that our creative students have a capacity to think laterally and we harness this creativity and further develop these skills as the students strive for academic excellence. The legacy of our students’ successes over the last 30 years stands as a testament to the strength of our philosophy and the happiness and fulfillment our students have achieved.

Academic and Performing Arts

At The McDonald College we aim for all our students to realise their full academic potential whilst pursuing their performing arts passions and goals. The McDonald College employs highly qualified and experienced academic and performing arts staff. Our staff encourage students to strive for their personal best in all they undertake. Outstanding performance over the last five years in the NSW Higher School Certificate validates the structured daily study program. While academic standards across the College are high we offer 2 hours per day in one of the chosen streams of Classical Ballet dance music musical Theatre and Acting to ensure our gifted and talented students are nurtured and prepared for life beyond school. We stage performances throughout the year at the Sydney Opera House riverside Theatres parade Playhouse city Recital Hall our own Blackbox Theatre and other venues to showcase the talents of our students.


We embrace creative expression in a non-judgemental and inclusive environment. At The McDonald College we are proud to embrace the following core values: Humility Honor passion commitment appreciation and to demonstrate these in all our endeavoursEveryone at The McDonald College firmly believes that the powerful seeds of creativity live in all of us. The McDonald College students have the opportunity to allow their imaginations to flourish through the joy of performance. We recognize that students who have been nourished through creative experiences are better able to build their confidence and self-esteem. All of these points serve to highlight the importance of thinking laterally. For it is those who can rely upon their imaginations that will be tomorrow’s leaders and make the future a special place.

International Students

The McDonald College encourages diversity and welcomes international students.


Boarding for up to 30 girls from Year 7-12 is offered on the College premises. Recent accreditation Inspectors commented that “The McDonald College has one of the best boarding houses they have seen”.


For enrolment enquiries please contact the Registrar: Wendy Wickham  Tel: +61 2 9752 0500.

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