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The Armidale School

Locked Bag 3003

Armidale NSW2350

Tel: 02 6776 5800

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Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Boys

Religious Affiliation: Anglican

Boarding: Yes

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

About The Armidale School (TAS)

The education of the ‘individual’ student has been a key feature and strength of The Armidale School throughout its history. We remain committed to offering a broad liberal education that focuses on individual development. Education implies more than the imparting of knowledge. It is about growing up and finding the experiences that will develop strength of character decency and a passion for life. There is a fundamental belief at TAS that every student can and deserves to experience the kind of success that promotes self esteem purpose in life and confidence to tackle new challenges. Whether it be music drama sport service or adventure activities it is the business of the School to help find and support each boy’s involvement in worthwhile and personally important endeavours.

Academic Potential

We provide the motivation for boys to reach their academic potential. Dynamic academic programmes enable boys to search for where their talents lie and pursue these avenues. The School’s record of academic excellence is reflected in its consistently high HSC results. Our students are supported by well qualified staff who are passionate about their subjects and provide the knowledge and motivation for the boys to reach their potential.

Boarding at TAS

The Armidale School has always regarded the boarding experience as an educational and social advantage. Now parents are agreeing with us. We are finding that families are actively choosing boarding for their sons to give them a sense of independence initiative and responsibility. The boarding environment offers a sense of security and allows boys to mature at their own pace without pressure. Boarding is a great experience – you should come and try it.

Outdoor Education Program

At TAS we understand that boys need opportunities to physically challenge themselves. Overcoming challenges makes life meaningful and that is why Outdoor Education Program is embedded in the school curriculum. With the gorge country on our door step our boys step up to be the best that they can be.


You are welcome to visit our school

Seeing is believing and you have see The Armidale School to believe how much we can offer you and your son.

Come any day stay overnight and experience a little of what we have to offer.

Phone Mrs Pip Warrick on 02 6776 5823 now.

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