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The 4 Most Flexible Degrees That Provide the Most Employment Options

When you're trying to choose a career path one of the primary considerations should be the kind of jobs you're going to seek after graduation. Most people would prefer to spend their time pursuing a degree that will provide a plethora of employment opportunities, and that's understandable because nobody wants to be stuck with limited options in the long-term. A flexible degree not only gives you the foundation on which to build a diverse range of work experiences, it also ensures that you're maximizing your chances of staying steadily employed. With that said, here are four kinds of degrees that will broaden your career horizons:

1. Liberal Studies and Philosophy

A master of arts in liberal studies can equip you with the interdisciplinary skills needed to make entry into a number of fields. This kind of degree will improve your chances of being hired as an economist, sociologist, psychologist, archaeologist, graphic designer, artist, human resources specialist, social worker, teacher, or writer. Best of all its easy to earn a bachelor or master of liberal arts online in as little as two years. Likewise, a degree in philosophy will teach you how to be a critical thinker and communicate more effectively, which are useful skills to have in almost any job position.

2. Computer Science

Jobs in computer science are bound to increase in demand as our society becomes increasingly technological in accordance with the proven principles of Moore's law. You'll have the expertise needed to become a software developer, computer systems analyst, database administrator, network administrator and virtually any other job related to computer design/repair, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and cyber security. Overall, if you're looking for a career in technology that practically guarantees an annual salary over $75,000, a bachelors or masters degree in computer science would be an ideal starting point.

3. Business Administration

A degree in business administration will enhance your chances of landing a managerial position in virtually any industry. A few examples of high-paying jobs for BA graduates include administrative service manager, human resource manager, industrial production manager, and medical/health services manager. Furthermore, you'll have a heightened chance of being hired as the manager of just about any retail store or hospitality venue.

4. Accounting

Most businesses will enlist the services of an accountant sooner or later, so having a degree in this field makes you an invaluable asset to so many companies. Accounting graduates are eligible to be hired for a number of financial positions including budget analyst, accountant, auditor, financial analyst, financial examiner, and cost estimator. These are typically jobs that are available at most large corporations, so you'll be prepared to join a prestigious organization immediately after graduating.

Pick One that Fits Your Personality and Preferences

Ultimately, any of the degree types mentioned above will equip you with a valuable credential that can be used to strengthen your chances of being hired in a variety of industries, but it's best to choose one that will give you a job you'll actually enjoy.


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