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Sydney Jacaranda College

Suite 503 pitt St

Sydney NSW2000

Tel: 02 9212 7799 Ext 100

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Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Senior

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes


We encourage tolerance and respect. We aim to provide a supportive learning environment for every student. We do things in new ways; we experiment and use innovative methods and technology whilst pursuing the highest standards at all times. These standards are maintained through continual staff professional development reviews of material and methodologies and internal and external feedback. Our approach to teaching is to focus on each individual student meeting his or her needs as a learner. We also believe it is essential to provide a friendly and caring environment so that everystudent will feel safe and secure at school. The staff at Sydney Jacaranda College is professional and energetic. We aim to create the feeling that it is fun to be in school.


Our campus offers recently renovated and fully air-conditioned classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with white boards and overhead projectors. Modern audiovisual equipment is readily available for classroom use by students as well as teachers. Within the campus there are student kitchens snack machines and computers with internet access. There is also a fabulous outdoor balcony providing stunning views of the city. Thebalcony can be used by students and staff in break time. SJC organises recreational and sporting activities for its students to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community. The campus is located close to public transport libraries banks shopping centres markets andChinatown. There is a huge variety of food courts cafes and restaurants servicing the local area.

Our Staff

We are committed to providing students with the best possible learning experience. To do this we provide a range of support services and programs. Our friendly and dedicated staff is here to support students in many aspects of their personal and academic lives.


Sydney Jacaranda College (SJC) is a CRICOS registered High School delivering the New South Wales (NSW) Higher School Certificate (HSC) program. SJC is a member of the Australian Vocational Institute Group (AVI Group) with its sister college strathfield College located on the same campus. The Strathfield College Sydney campus opened in 2006 beginning with a single class of English students.

At Sydney Jacaranda College we believe that through diversity and intercultural understanding students will acquire a global perspective. We encourage tolerance and respect. Quality learning requires passionate teachers and learners. We aim to provide a supportive learning environment for every student. The SJC Year 11 and Year 12 HSC course is registered with and accredited by the NSW Board of Studies. In partnership with SJC strathfield College offers a High School Preparation Program (HSPP) specifically designed to lead international students confidently into their HSC studies. The Manning Building which houses the campus has been a prominent fixture in the CBD for over a hundred years and is listed as a heritage building. The interior of the building received a multimillion dollar refurbishment in the 1990’s and is now one of the most desired commercial addresses in central Sydney. Located on Pitt Street in the heart of Sydney’s beautiful CBD sydney Jacaranda College is ideally situated for student life.

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