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St Stanislaus College

220 Bentinck Street

Bathurst NSW2795

Tel: 02 6331 4177

Fax: 02 6331 4481

Email: hmsec@stannies. com

Website: www.stannies. com

Key Details

Type: Catholic

Level: Secondary

Gender: Boys

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Boarding: Yes


The College exists as a Catholic Day and Boarding school for boys with a total population of 616 – 426 locally from Bathurst and the surrounding towns and a boarding contingent of 190 students mainly from farms in the far west of NSW.

Excellence in the education of Boys

Academically the College is in a very strong position demonstrating this by receiving 37 NSW Board of Studies Honour Roll listings in last year’s Higher School Certificate. These results were attained across a range of subjects that assisted the students to enter Tertiary Institutions for many well credentialed courses such as Medicine law education veterinary Science and Engineering. The focus at the College is on maintaining small class sizes so that those students that require extension and remediation are able to receive the support that is necessary for their continual development. The teaching of languages is another area which the college focuses on providing opportunities to our students such as overseas travel and experiences to converse with native speakers of the language by hosting students every year to enrich the experiences within the classroom. The languages that are currently offered are Mandarin Chinese and French.

The Arts at Stannies

Success in the Arts was demonstrated again recently to the city of Bathurst when the production ‘Grease’ was presented to the multitudes. The production allowed the students that excel in drama music and those that wish to pursue a career in the entertainment industry to be showcased in front of audiences that at some stages exceeded 600 guests. The College is committed to providing experiences to our students in these areas as it assists them to develop into well rounded young men.

Our Mission

The religious mission at the College focuses on the work of St. Vincent de Paul and his commitment to the poor and disadvantaged. The students of St. Stanislaus’ College are offered the chance to participate in this mission by assisting those within the community and abroad to live a more fulfilling life often undertaking charitable events such as Walk Against Want the Red Shield Appeal and other religious festivals such as World Youth Day and Manna Fest.


In co-curricular pursuits the College has a strong reputation for its skill and dedication in the sporting arena. St. Stanislaus’ College is a member of the ISA (Independent Schools Association) which provides an opportunity to compete against some of the best schools within New South Wales. Throughout the summer and winter months fixtures are hosted at Stannies and students regularly travel to Sydney via bus to compete in sports such as Basketball rugby Union rugby League cricket cross Country athletics and Swimming. The emphasis is on providing opportunities developing camaraderie and sportsmanship.

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