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St John Fisher College (Bracken Ridge)

John Fisher Drive

Bracken Ridge QLD4017

Tel: 07 3269 8188

Fax: 07 3869 0216

Email: sjfc@bne.


Key Details

Type: Catholic

Level: Secondary

Gender: Girls

Religious Affiliation: Catholic


The St John Fisher College Community is inspired by God’s Spirit and the Catholic faith tradition to live to love and to learn with respect for truth the courage to seek justice the gift of peace and the grace to forgive as we respond with equal dynamism to society’s challenges today and tomorrow.


St John Fisher College aims to empower young women to face challenges in life with grace and dignity and respect for others and to respond to them with courage resilience and dynamism. We promote relationships based on mutual respect Kindness and understanding and we aim to prepare students to engage in rich and deep relationships throughout their lives. Through their connectedness to the St John Fisher College community we hope to prepare students for meaningful participation in and contribution to the wider community. The St John Fisher College Community is a very special place where the atmosphere of care permeates all that is done. This is a community where students are happy and tell you openly that they love their school where they can achieve to their potential no matter what their talents and where they can grow in a caring and nurturing environment. It is a stepping stone for your daughter to become a confident and articulate young woman. We acknowledge that parents are the primary educators of their children and at St John Fisher College we aim to work in partnership with you in nurturing the growth and development of your daughter. Family involvement and open communication between home and school are encouraged in all aspects of schooling. From her first steps into the College Your daughter will become an integral part of this community.


Inspired by God's Spirit and the Catholic Faith Tradition our holistic approach to education means that we promote your daughter’s spiritual social emotional and physical growth as well as her academic learning. The formal teaching of Religious Education in our curriculum is underpinned by the daily lived experience of Gospel values in our community. The values of love justice peace and forgiveness are taught by example and experience. The College aims to provide a range of rich faith experiences. Masses are held regularly in the College chapel and there are powerful and thought provoking liturgical celebrations on occasions. Each class room has a prayer

Our diverse and academically challenging curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation for learning and prepare students to be life-long learners. In Years Eight to Ten the unitised curriculum enables students to choose subject units that are in keeping with their interests and abilities and to practise decision making with regard to their own education. In Year Ten units on offer align with Senior school choices. In the Senior school students may choose from tertiary-oriented academic subjects or from more practical vocationally-oriented subjects or they may choose a combination of both. In addition students may participate in work placements traineeships school-based apprenticeships first year university subjects and TAFE subjects where appropriate. We cater for the individual learning needs and talents of all our students. Our students have access to the latest technology to support their learning. The College has a laptop program for students in Year Nine onwards. Modern facilities and spacious landscaped grounds and gardens provide a wonderful environment to support learning. A number of curriculum support groups and clubs operate within the College. Examples include Science Cclub textiles tutorials mathematics tutorials greedy Readers scribblers and Drama Lamas.


There is a genuine sense of staff and students nurturing and caring for each other and this is evident in all aspects of College life from the formal structures of the school day through to informal offers of assistance at lunch time. Each student belongs to a Pastoral Care class with a Pastoral Care teacher who is there to support them and offer them guidance. Also each Year level has a Pastoral Coordinator who provides them with further support and advice. Through the Personal and Social Development Program each girl will explore the life challenges facing them and the implications of living a faith-filled life. We aim to develop the skills Knowledge attitudes and values needed of our girls to become resilient self-confident young women who can show the initiative to solve their own problems and determine their own future. St John Fisher College also has a Big Sister – Little Sister Program in which older students help to orient and support younger ones. Students take part in regular sister group activities such as shared lunches.


Sporting and cultural opportunities are abundant. Our extensive oval space tennis courts and multi-purpose hall accommodate numerous on-site sports whilst our participation in sporting clusters with other schools expands the opportunity for competition. Your daughter has the opportunity to be involved in public speaking debating choir and the College band and the instrumental program offered by the College.


OPEN DAY - Thursday 17th May 2012

2pm - 6pm

Information Sessions given by our Principal on the day at 2: 15pm and 4: 00pm.

We are currently enrolling for 2014 and will be introducing Year Seven in 2015.

Our Open Days are held each year in May However if you would like to have a look around our school please call Suzanne Crowther our enrolments secretary on 3269 8188 to make an appointment or email scrowther@bne.

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