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Rivermount College

Rivermount Drive

Yatala QLD4207

Tel: 07 3287 0000

Fax: 07 3807 4670

Email: info@rivermount. net

Website: www.rivermount. net

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Scholarships: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Performing Arts Academy: Yes

Discover the Spirit of Rivermount

Rivermount College is a non-denominational co-educational Christian College situated on 32 hectare nestled alongside the Albert River at Yatala. The carefully planned campus provides a beautiful and tranquil environment for students from Prep to Year 12.

Prep Centre

Rivermount College is excited to offer a Prep year for students that provides a strong foundation for future years of education and encourages a genuine love of learning. The Prep year provides a smooth transition into the formal years of schooling by providing a stimulating and dynamic environment where students are able to learn and develop new skills in readiness for Year 1 and their future years of schooling. Students in the Prep year are an important part of the Junior School community and are able to participate in all aspects of school life. Opportunities exist for students to attend regular weekly assemblies participate in the College sporting and co-curricular programs and attend specialist lessons.

Junior School

Students in the Junior School are nurtured in a secure and safe environment where the family values of love affection discipline and constant encouragement form an integral part of daily life experiences. The Junior School is comprised of students from Prep to Year 6. Within the Junior School there are two important phases of development. For students from Prep to Year 3 the College focuses on the early years of learning which reflects the importance of establishing a solid foundation for future academic and social development. Students are carefully guided through new experiences and are introduced to many exciting aspects of the College curriculum and co-curricular activities. As students progress into the senior component of the Junior School they are encouraged to become responsible learners and active members of the College community. Students in these year levels are able to enjoy a greater range of co-curricular opportunities and are prepared for the transition into the Middle School.

Middle School

Rivermount College has introduced the Middle Years of Schooling for students in Years 7 and 9 which provides a stimulating learning environment and a smooth transition for students from Primary to Secondary schooling as it paves the way for successful integration into the Senior School program. The Middle School curriculum provides a very active and dynamic learning environment designed to foster high levels of student involvement and interest. A broad range of experiences and opportunities ensure students are able to enjoy and learn from these important years of schooling. Learning in the Middle School focuses on encouraging independent learning and a student focus on topics and themes. The student-centred and interdisciplinary characteristics of the curriculum provide the opportunity for students to develop and reinforce their skills in problem solving decision-making information processing and critical thinking.

Senior School

In Year 10 students continue to study the same subjects commenced in Year 9 However these subjects are moulded to reflect senior subject disciplines. There is a significant focus throughout the year on guiding students to make appropriate senior subject selections for Years 11 and 12. In Years 11 and 12 of Senior School all students study Authority or Authority Registered subjects. English and Mathematics as well as the school subject Christian Perspectives are compulsory. Senior students also complete a comprehensive Queensland Core Skills Test preparation programme. Students then choose four additional elective subjects. It should be noted that Authority Registered subjects are not included in OP calculations at the completion of Year 12. Career Guidance is provided for all Secondary students at Rivermount College.


SportThe College sporting program is centred around our membership of The Associated Schools (TAS) the premier co-educational sporting association of south-east Queensland. Students from Year 8 to Year 12 compete in the TAS competition on Saturday mornings and students from Year 5 to Year 7 compete in the Junior TAS (JTAS) competitions. Sport is a natural extension of the College physical education program and squarely promotes the physical and social development of all students. In addition major championships are conducted in swimming cross-country and athletics. Students are able to compete at school through the interhouse competition and as representatives of the College at interschool competitions. Performing ArtsRivermount College offers students a comprehensive range of opportunities in various avenues of performing arts. Performers of all abilities and ages are presented with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in various disciplines and in turn share their ability with appreciative audiences. The College Dance Program fosters development in students from Prep to Year 12. Students regularly perform as soloists or in a small or large group context. The instrumental program sees students performing in groups as diverse as the concert band to various rock and pop groups. The College Concert Band is frequently called on to perform at Community-based functions. Four choirs operate across the College often with high community acclamation and various competition successes. The Drama program similarly draws on students from all year levels and students perform in a variety of genres such as college dramas one-act plays monologues duologues and musicals for Junior middle and Senior School students.


Rivermount College hosts Open Days each term of the year. The Open Days are provided for all interested prospective parents to visit our College and experience our dynamic learning environment first hand. If you are interested in attending our next Open Day simply contact our Enrolments Office for more information on telephone (07) 3287 0000 or email the school.

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