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Preshil the Margaret Lyttle Memorial School

395 Barkers Road

Kew VIC3101

Tel: 03 9817 6135

Fax: 03 9816 7943

Email: preshil@preshil.

Website: www.preshil.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Alternative: Other Alternative Education

Early Learning: Yes


Preshil the Margaret Lyttle Memorial School is Australia’s oldest progressive school. Preshil encompasses a philosophy that emphasises the development of each child to their full potential rather than competition between children. In this way preshil nurtures children’s self esteem love of learning and independence and therefore no child is hampered by class level expectations. Preshil is a small school with small classes. It is a progressive non-denominational co-educational school for ages 3 and 4 to Year 12 VCE with after-school care and morning playgroup available. A comprehensive curriculum is provided across all year levels including music and the arts leading to a rich and vigorous VCE program. At Preshil children take an active role in their education in turn developing a responsibility for their actions and ultimately their future. They’re not told what to think but rather they are taught how to think. This gives children a self-discipline and preparedness to become whomever they choose.


By providing a school experience that celebrates the individual children learn about themselves and uncover their own potential with Preshil’s full support. As each child tries new things and their interests evolve preshil helps them establish personal goals and pursue them with passion. Preshil nurtures children's self-esteem love of learning and independence. Children thrive in a learning environment that’s genuinely designed and built around them. The Junior School provides cottage-style classrooms meandering in a semi-rural landscape that includes self-built cubby spaces. Throughout Junior School children are placed in multi-age groupings to accommodate varying learning speeds. It’s so grading divisions aren’t imposed that serve only to develop preconceptions about what arbitrary performance targets they must reach. By the time Preshil students finish Junior School they’re equipped to make judicious choices regarding their own education and development. The spirit of creativity and discovery continues to shape the curriculum into Year 7 and beyond.

Inspiring Environment

Preshil offers all the traditional subjects for VCE as well as VET subjects. Because Preshil students have learned how to think and not just memorise in their earlier years they can approach the challenges of VCE with assuredness and maturity. By learning in an environment similar to university students gain experience working in smaller tutorial-style groups and develop a closer relationship with their teachers. Preshil’s unique tracker system also provides students with a mentor throughout the rigorous VCE program. Preshil students enjoy a love of learning Have a social conscience and a firm belief in themselves. They are well equipped to tackle future tertiary studies enter the workforce or follow their passions. Results show Preshil students achieve outstanding results and emerge as confident young adults.

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