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Mt Maria College Petrie

Armstrong Street

Petrie QLD4502

Tel: 07 3285 5500

Fax: 07 3285 5091

Email: spetrie@bne.


Key Details

Type: Catholic

Level: Secondary

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Catholic


Mt Maria College Petrie is a small Catholic Co-educational secondary school with an enrolment of 250 students. Our curriculum is suitable for students of all abilities. In years 8 to 10 a broad academic curriculum is offered and in Years 11 and 12 students choose from a variety of educational pathways leading to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) tertiary study atrade or employment. The College also supports a limited number of students with specific learning needs to pursue pathways leading to the Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA).


Mt Maria College Petrie is committed to the provision of high quality inclusive affordable Catholic Education. Operating within an atmosphere of acceptance and celebration of diversity the College is one of a community of schools administered by Brisbane Catholic Education. It shares in the Archdiocese's vision for Catholic education to teach challenge and to transform.


Structure* Small school* Small classes* Leadership opportunities from Year 9 level* Vertical pastoral form groups* Peer support available* Small nurturing environment promoting confidence and self- esteemPrograms* Intensive reading and writing programs* Real life and project style learning* Intensive mathematics support programs* Work education and work experience from Year 10* Opportunities to undertake TAFE courses* Broad range of subjects* Flexible curriculum in response to student interests needs and abilities* Individualised learning pathways to cater to specific needs of students* Participation in Westpac Australasian Mathematics Competition english Competition stock Exchange gameResources and Facilities* Fully equipped computer laboratories* Learning technology centre in library* Specialist teaching areas including wood and metal workshops food technology centre sewing room graphics room visual art centre and music centre. * Sporting facilities including netball/basketball/volleyball courts cricket facilities football/soccer field athletics track archery gymnastics and others


The College has a whole school approach to career education. In year 8 students research their future in Year 9 we build on to this information in Year 10 all students undertake either Certificate 1 in Work education or Certificate 1 in Work Readiness and our seniors undertake Certificate 11 in Workplace practices. In 2008 the College became an RTO for Certificate 1 in Work Education certificate 11 in Workplace Practices and Certificate 1 in Work Readiness. This has been very beneficial to over 80 students in Years 10 and 12 who have gained one of these certificates and now have 2 or 4 points banked in their learning accounts to contribute towards their Queensland Certificate of Education. In recent years our Year 10 and 12 students have been involved in: * Certificate 11 in Horticulture* Certificate 111 in Information Technology* Certificate 11 in General Construction* Certificate 11 in Retail* Certificate 1 and 11 in Hospitality Operations* Certificate 111 in Health Services Assistance* Certificate 111 in Computer Aided Drafting* Certificate 11 in Automotive* Certificate 11 in Engineering* Certificate 11 in Information Technology* Certificate 11 in Screen* Certificate 11 in Community Recreation


Information Days are held each year in February However if you would like to have a look around our school please call Maree our Enrolments Secretary to make an appointment or email us at spetrie@bne.

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