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Mackay Christian College

JUNIOR CAMPUS: 143 Evans Avenue North MIDDLE & SENIOR CAMPUS: 9 Quarry Street

North Mackay QLD4740

Tel: 07 4963 1100



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Principal's Message

Research has shown that what parents look for first when choosing a school for their children is that their children will be safe and feel loved and cared for. Of course as parents we also want to know that our children will have the very best possible opportunities to reach their full potential academically emotionally physically and spiritually. Choosing the right school for yourself or your family is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The students and staff here at Mackay Christian College will tell you that our vision is “becoming all God wants us to be”. We are focused on identifying the unique gifts of each individual and helping to create the best life pathways for them. In our society there are some foundational learnings which every student should acquire. Every student should learn to read they should be able to spell perform basic arithmetic and write with accuracy. They should learn to value their unique gifts. Students should be able to interact with modern technology. They should experience success and learn what they need to be able to travel on their chosen pathway – whether it is to pursue further study or a career. Above all students should feel cared for safe valued and loved. These foundational learnings are what we excel in at Mackay Christian College. As a Christian school we do all of these things within a Christian values perspective. The College values are CLEAR – Christ likeness learning excellence attitude and Respect. We hope that our students will learn the value of a personal relationship with Christ as they follow the pathway we create together. Pastor Dr Craig Murison

Our Heritage

Mackay Christian College was established in 1984 to provide a Christian education alternative for Mackay families. The College commenced with around 17 students in Year 1-7 and now has a student body of over 1000 students from Pre-Prep (Kindergarten) to Year 12. Mackay Christian Family Church had the vision for the school and still provides support and governance. The College was founded by Pastor Rob Booth-Jones former Senior Pastor of Mackay Christian Family Church and founding Chairman of the College Board of Directors; Pastor Dr Craig Murison current College Principal and his wife Candace. At enrolment interviews prospective families frequently cite friends or family as having told them what a caring school MCC is as their reason for seeking placement for their children. Mackay Christian College’s well-earned reputation as a genuine and caring school within the community is the product of highly dedicated teaching staff all of whom are Christians and are committed to developing the best in each child and to helping them become ‘all God wants them to be. ’ The focus of the College community is on the positive – to expect the best. This helps students to develop an optimistic outlook for the future. Founding parents along with the College had a vision for a school that would exhibit the following: - Excellent academic standards- Excellent behaviour management policies- At all times all decisions and activities to be undergirded by Christian principles and values- To constantly provide a genuine safe and caring environment for students. These remain Mackay Christian College’s four corner stones.

Quality affordable Christian Education

Mackay Christian College is a leading dynamic growing school. MCC is a non-profit organisation with an aim to provide an affordable quality Christian education. Situated in tropical North Queensland it is a multi-denominational Pre-Prep (Kindergarten) to Year 12 co-educational Christian day school committed to providing a safe environment in which students can develop academically spiritually and socially through quality curriculum modern facilities and dedicated caring staff. With a particular heart for Missions at Mackay Christian College the values are C. L. E. A. R. – Christlikeness learning excellence attitude and Respect. These values are incorporated into the day to day operations of College life. Mackay Christian College offers a variety of academic sporting agricultural vocational learning and performing arts activities. It welcomes students from all walks of life including ESL students indigenous students international students and Students with Disabilities. The College offers an affordable fee schedule and sibling remissions. Fee assistance is also available. All government funding and other income is expended on improving the facilities and resources of the College as well as in the day to day running of the school. The College Board is committed to providing a financially accessible education by way of keeping fees as low as possible and yet providing excellent facilities resources and opportunities for students. The College policy remains that assistance will be given to anyone who needs help with the payment of fees from time to time. It is a commitment that no student will be denied a quality Christian education on the basis of finances (with the exception of Pre-Prep). Mackay Christian College – serving the Mackay Community.

Junior School (Pre-Prep to Yr 5)

Mackay Christian College lays a strong foundation during the Junior Years of learning. It is during these early developmental years that the framework for the future learning is constructed. The core curriculum emphasises Literacy and Numeracy skills and fosters diligence self-motivation an enquiring mind and the establishment of a love of learning. In Prep there is a strong focus on phonics and developing early Literacy skills to establish strong foundations for the future. Specialist classes in Music physical Education and Information Technology add to the range of learning experiences available. The College’s sports program extracurricular opportunities excursions cross curricular technology integration instrumental Music program support for struggling learners and enthusiastic caring teachers all contribute to making the Junior Years at Mackay Christian College an exciting time of learning.

Middle School (Yr 6 - Yr 9)

Mackay Christian College’s approach to the Middle Years of learning provides a safe caring environment and a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary Education. As well as studying a carefully planned core curriculum Year 6 & 7 begin to experience some of the practically based Secondary subjects such as Industrial Arts Home Economics and Visual Art. These are added to the specialist subjects of Music physical Education and Information Technology which were introduced in the Junior Years. As students move into Year 8 and then Year 9 they add a broad range of experiences in a variety of subjects to their core. These subjects form the base for elective choices which give students an opportunity to study a few subjects in greater depth in preparation for their transition into the Senior Years. The objectives of the Middle Years are supported by student-led Chapels specialist Teachers information Technology an excellent Academic Program athriving Sports Program camps excursions instrumental Music and Extracurricular Activities.

Senior School (Yr 10 - Yr 12)

The focus of the Senior Years at Mackay Christian College is preparing students for life beyond the College. The experienced College staff assist students to identify their strengths and what pathway will suit them best. The College seeks to develop these pathways with students and their parents and to create the best possible opportunities for each student to experience success beyond their school years. For many students this involves pursing an academic program and focusing on gaining entry into tertiary studies. Other students follow a Vocational Education pathway which seeks to prepare them for the workforce through school subjects nationally recognised units of study work Placement and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. The College seeks to foster a commitment to academic excellence with emphasis on higher order thinking skills. The academic and vocational pathways in the Senior Years are balanced by commitment to excellence in the Arts. Students in the Senior Years have the opportunity to pursue the Performing and Creative Arts in subjects such as Film television & New Media art and Music as well as in the Instrumental Music Program and co-curricular activities such as Choirs ensembles bands orchestras and various competitions. The commitment of the College to provide an enjoyable and productive educational experience and to prepare students for their future during the Senior Years of learning is supported by extensive computer facilities a personal development program camps and Excursions work Experience student Leadership opportunities career Education guidance QCS preparation and access to a full range of sporting opportunities.


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