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Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Mahers Lane

Terranora NSW2486

Tel: 07 5590 5099

Fax: 07 5590 4962



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Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Anglican

Scholarships: Yes


Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School has one over-riding focus – helping our students excel in life. We achieve this through a balanced learning program that ensures students achieve their academic potential while accumulating important life skills. Our learning environment encourages and stimulates students and prepares them emotionally and academically for their adult years. The idyllic setting for Lindisfarne is perfectly suited for this purpose. Overlooking the Terranora Broadwater in the semi-rural coastal hinterland of the Tweed Valley the school has a deep sense of community. Parents entrust their children into our community because we provide quality education complemented by a pastoral care program that nurtures personal social and academic wellbeing. Lindisfarne has an integrated three-school structure with current enrolments of around 1000 students. The school consists of an Early Learning Centre for Pre-school and Kindergarten aPrimary School for Years 1 to 6 and Secondary School from Years 7 to 12. Our structured academic program has a strong literacy focus and recognises each student's particular strengths and individual abilities. This is supported by a comprehensive co-curricular program that includes a wide range of sports studies in performing arts and recreational activities. This combination of academic and co-curricular activities supported by pastoral care Helps our students develop as confident independent and rounded individuals.


Lindisfarne is located in far northern New South Wales (NSW) and follows the NSW Board of Studies curriculum. Lindisfarne has an Early Learning Centre which includes Preschool and Kindergarten. A Multi Purpose centre including a theatre tennis netball and basketball courts. Grounds include handball courts shaded meeting areas and two ovals. Two magnificent art studios with equipment and materials for digital media photography pottery textiles printmaking and painting. Purpose built dance drama and recording studios science labs industrial arts rooms mac and PC labs with wireless access. Class rooms are equipped with electronic white boards and the school offers three private bus services for students who reside in QLD (southern Gold Coast) mullumbimby and Ocean Shores.


The School offers a structured academic curriculum which challenges and supports all students. In addition Lindisfarne excels in the performing arts and sports. Vocational Pathways are available to students in Years 11 and 12. Lindisfarne has a strong Anglican identity reflected in its Pastoral Care Program.


Tuition is available in music and academic subjects. Before and After School Care is also offered.


Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School presents a balanced educational program that provides students with every opportunity to excel academically and as an individual. Our model of learning is based on the philosophy that quality teaching achieves outstanding results when it is delivered in a community environment that values human relationships and pastoral care. Through our model of learning we develop student ability in three dimensions: AcademicA structured curriculum which challenges and supports students in their ability to use the skills of language mathematical and verbal reasoning logic memory and processing of information. Lindisfarne seeks to eliminate underachievement by raising the expectations of students and their potential to succeed. CreativeThe ability to think and act with fluency innovation openness and originality. These qualities are developed through a broad curriculum which recognises each student's strengths and abilities. EthicalAs an Anglican school Lindisfarne believes in tradition and scripture but we are also guided by reason and experience. We provide students with the ability to think and act with moral insight – ethical inquiry that is the fundamental context of all learning. Through these three pillars of learning Lindisfarne creates meaning and purpose for students while they experience spirituality within Anglican practice and tradition. Our goal is to ensure they lead lives that are productive and fulfilled.

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