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Korowal School

54 Hall Parade

Hazelbrook NSW2779

Tel: 02 4758 7466



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Alternative: Other Alternative Education

Scholarships: Yes

International Students: Yes

A small school

• Korowal is a small school with a maximum of 250 students from kindergarten to HSC. • A small school is a school on a human scale. In a small school students teachers and parents can be known understood and valued as individuals. The needs and talents of every individual can be accommodated in the learning process. • Korowal's small size and integrated structure enables it to function as a community in which teachers parents and students of all ages know understand and care about each other. A supportive community is the best environment for educational success and social development. • A school on a human scale balances individual with community.

A human-centred school

• In a human-centred school the quality of human relationships is the heart of the educational process. Committed mutually respectful relationships between students teachers and parents are crucial to educational happiness and success. • The whole human being is educated in a balanced and integrated way: intellectually creatively socially physically emotionally ethically and spiritually. • The aim of education is to develop full human potential. • The values of compassion tolerance equity respect empathy commitment resilience and critical thinking are consciously fostered.

A sustainable school

•Korowal aims for social environmental and educational sustainability. • Educational sustainability promotes a lifelong love of learning and encourages the idea of learning as a process not a product. Students and parents are provided with meaningful assessment and feedback but students are not ranked against each other. •A small community with human-centred values is socially sustainable. • Korowal is continually assessing and developing environmentally sustainable practices. • Peace conciliation and love of the whole earth are actively encouraged.

An integrated school

• In a world where children's experience is increasingly fragmented Korowal aims to provide an integrated and holistic educational experience from kindergarten to the HSC. • Our curriculum is thematic and interdisciplinary. • Creative work is integrated with academic work. • Multiple-aged learning groups transcend the rigid social and educational separation of students into single ages. • Relationships between students and their teachers continue for several years. • Korowal actively encourages the integration of students with special needs.

Quality and independence

• Korowal values quality in every aspect of the teaching and learning process - in the classroom in the physical environment and in the relationships between all members of the school community. • Students are encouraged to take time: time to learn time to appreciate quality time to be children. In this environment every student is capable of producing quality work. • Korowal is not formally connected with or supported by any religion educational movement or larger governing body. • Korowal is democratically governed by an elected council of equal numbers of teachers and parents who aim for and achieve consensus.

Environment and facilities.

Korowal is situated on a heritage listed seven hectare estate in Hazelbrook (Blue Mountains) with charismatic buildings beautiful gardens large grassed play areas an oval ball court anew hall science music art computer and library facilities.



For further information or to arrange an interview or school tourcontact Nancy Oosterhoff deputy principal on 02 4758 7466. LIMITED VACANCIES IN SOME OTHER CLASSES FOR 2014

Phone 0257 587466 to organise an interview or a tour of school at any time.

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