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Kids Open Learning School

76 Seventh Avenue

Maylands WA6051

Tel: 08 9272 1475

Email: kids. maylands@iinet. net. au

Website: www.kidsopenlearning. com. au

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

KIDS Open Learning School

KIDS Open Learning School provides full-time schooling for students aged from Kindergarten to 18+ years. A student’s Individual Programme is designed to meet Outcomes in each of the Learning Areas as described in the Curriculum Framework and the Australian Curriculum. The course is registered but not monitored by the Curriculum Council and leads to the School’s Graduating Certificates. It is child-centred ungraded learning at its best — different in some ways from other alternative education such as Montessori steiner / Waldorf Home Schooling and Summerhill but with many important similarities. We feel close ties with Fitzroy Community School in Melbourne sudbury in USA and Reggio Emilia Schools.

What is 'Open Learning'?

Open Learning is a way of learning where students have input in to the development of their curriculum timetabling and tutors.

What is an Independent Learning Contract or 'ILC'?

A large part of developing the curriculum is attained by providing each student with the format of a study contract on a topic of their own choice – something that they want to learn more about. Topics might range from Fairies to Italy to a favourite film personality to World War II and beyond. Each contract includes components from every content area and requires exploration of material from books videos internet even excursions. The results of their explorations can be presented in writing art work cooking computer presentations videos or whatever is suitable to the student the topic and related to the Curriculum.

Camp Woody

Four camps a year provide unparalleled opportunities to develop self sufficiency. Students are involved in planning activities meal planning and preparation shopping cleaning caring for partners. In general the purpose is to build a school community.


We are now accepting enrolment enquiries. Please email us for more information.

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