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Kennedy Baptist College

Farrington Road

Murdoch WA6150

Tel: 08 9314 7722

Fax: 08 9314 7732



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Secondary

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Baptist

International Students: Yes

Kennedy Baptist College Mission and Values

Kennedy Baptist College's mission is to provide educational opportunities of excellence in a Christian context addressing the needs of individuals for lifelong learning. The College's key values are: * Faith* Integrity* Boldness* Growth* Service

Philosophy - Achieving Excellence

We aim to assist your child achieve their highest possible results in Yr 12. We start by helping your child really love school - by creating a positive culture with strong pastoral care and lots of excitement. We believe it is all about 'engaging' children.


We have a reputation for high standards in every area including discipline. Our teachers can teach without disruption and our students can get on with learning. Everyone wins. And we never crush a child's spirit.


We have over 60 class rooms many specialist rooms amassive library seat Auditorium buses basketball courts under cover areas and the use of Murdoch University's oval.


We have a 1: 1 netbook program. Each class room has a data projector and our students are able to access course information by logging in from home. Students also have to access computers and the internet in the library after school.

Tutoring and Extra Curricular

Our Staff commit to at least one hour after school per week for our students. We have tutoring three afternoons per week in core subjects and numerous activities in Physical Education and the Arts.


Welcome to Kennedy Baptist College

Please click on the link to our website where you will find more information about us.

Kennedy is enrolling students from Yr 7 to Yr 12 and at times has vacancies in certain Year groups. So if you are looking for a school which will provide academic rigour and strong pastoral care call our Registrar on 08 9314 7722 and ask for more information.

If you are planning for the future and would like to put your child on our waiting list again please give us a call or contact us through our website or by emailing

Thank You

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