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John Paul College

161 McMahons Road

Frankston VIC3199

Tel: 03 9784 0200

Email: johnpaul@jpc.

Website: www.jpc.

Key Details

Type: Catholic

Level: Secondary

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Welcome to John Paul College

John Paul College provides a comprehensive secondary education in a Catholic environment. We offer a place where students feel safe and that they belong; a place where students’ individual strengths are nurtured and developed; and a place where faith and a sense of community are fundamental to who we are. John Paul College provides an environment where life and faith are integrated at every level and every opportunity and where students are challenged to become fully alive in faith through developing a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a strong self-image. We offer a comprehensive practical range of learning support programs as well as learning extension programs to meet the needs of individuals. John Paul College is committed to offering a Catholic Education at a very affordable price for the children of families in our region. We have a genuine care and passion for each student to realise their potential. It’s why every student at John Paul College feels empowered involved and inspired.

Excellence in Education

Life at John Paul College is challenging and full of opportunity. Our extensive curriculum is personalised to suit individual needs. At middle school we offer a full and diverse curriculum aimed at giving students the opportunity to experience a range of subjects and the knowlege and skill needed for their senior learning. Our 'Stellar' program offers some of our academically gifted students the opportunity to challenge and extend themselves. For senior students we offer a broad range of subjects and programs in Victorian Certificate of Education vocational Education and Training and Certificate of Applied Learning. Students can be involved in a whole array of sports as well as taking part in debating public speaking community service social justice theatre sports chess club and performing arts activities. We encourage students to take advantage of youth ministry and leadership opportunities.

A Great Learning Environment

At John Paul College we offer many great resources. Our Individual Learning Centre provides for the varied special learning needs of our students and the Careers Centre provides a wealth of knowledge for our students’ futures. Our large Resource Centre is the envy of many other schools providing the space and technology to provide for all our students’ educational needs. Our science and technology classrooms are spacious and modern. We also have a large gym which students enjoy using for a range of sporting activities. The College grounds are large and beautifully landscaped providing plenty of space for students to relax learn and play.

A Wealth of Activities

John Paul College continues to strive for excellence in all facets of our curriculum. Debating and Chess Club give students the opportunity to develop higher order thinking and public speaking skills. Both visual and performing arts are offered at John Paul College allowing students to extend themselves across a broad range of subjects and extra-curricular activities. Musical productions choir and theatre sports are all popular activities within the school. Students also have extensive opportunities to compete at a higher level with sport. John Paul College considers active physical involvement as an integral part of the healthy development and lifestyle of the students and provides exceptional facilities to cater for this.

A Safe Environment

‘Feeling safe’ and ‘belonging’ are words that students frequently use to describe their experiences at John Paul College. Our strong anti-bullying policies and strong pastoral care system ensure that we openly address any issues that arise. Our school psychologist runs boys and girls friendship groups helping ensure that all students feel a sense of belonging to the school community.

Community Involvement

We actively encourage our students to think beyond their own lives and to participate in wider community activities. Many of our students gain a deeper appreciation of how lucky they are through their involvement in a range of church charity and community based programs. All students take part in MAD Day (Mission Action Day) where they raise money for missions in the Philippines by participating in a walkathon swimathon bikeathon or in number of other activities. A number of students are given the opportunity of visiting missions in the Philippines and experiencing for themselves the hardships of life in another country as well as immersing themselves in another culture.


College Tours available

  • Tours of the College are available at 9. 00am and 3: 00pm on the last Wednesday of each month.
  • To confirm your place on the next tour please call Joanne Sheedy our Marketing Coordinator on (03) 9784 0200 or email her on shej@jpc.

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