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Hurstville Adventist School

30 Wright Street

Hurstville NSW 2220

Tel: 02 9580 5794

Email: info@hurstville.

Website: www.hurstville.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Primary

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Seventh Day Adventist

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Outstanding Education

Our school has served the local community for over sixty years with quality Christian education from Pre-Kindy through to Year 6. Hurstville Adventist school offers your child a superior educational opportunity that builds on a careful foundation in key learning areas. We challenge each student to discover their particular gifts and talents in a variety of ways and believe that each child is special. As part of the Adventist school system we will support and encourage the needs of your child regardless of religious or cultural background and we have an emphasis on caring for all aspects of their development and growth.

A Caring Environment

At Hurstville Adventist School we have created an environment in which your child can feel safe valued and supported an environment which is inclusive and tolerant. The foundation of our approach to educating your child is our secure and nurturing school environment. We create this environment through appreciation for individual needs respect for the children in our care and support for their values and opinions. Through this approach your child will reach their full potential whilst developing self-esteem and an appreciation for the needs of others.

The Learning Program

We maintain small class sizes so that teachers can get to know the individual needs of each child. Building on a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy we enable all of our students to discover and develop their special gifts and talents. Learning support is also available to address areas of need especially where English is the student’s second language. Our well-resourced classrooms library and computer laboratory provide ideal learning environments and allow your child to develop the expertise needed for today’s world. At Hurstville Adventist School students enjoy a variety of exciting educational experiences. Creativity is fostered and affirmed in art and music programs in which visiting musicians and dramatists play an important part. We celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Australian society and of our school in the biannual Multicultural Day and in visits from cultural artists. An active lifestyle is an important part of our school program. Daily Physical Education classes ensure that all students can participate in a range of physical activities. Our swimming gymnastics and athletics programs encourage individual achievement and team participation while inter-school events offer the challenge of competition. Our annual Swimming Carnival is a highlight of the year and a special time when family and school unite. Whilst the Hurstville Adventist School approach to education is a holistic one we place great emphasis on our students achieving to their highest potential academically. Our school provides a well-rounded and challenging curriculum that is designed to provide your child with access to up-to-date resources and offer a wide variety of subjects.

A Values Education

Because we take a holistic approach to education we nurture character development and spirituality. Our values education program and leadership opportunities allow students to develop into well rounded and responsible citizens. Lively weekly chapel services class devotionals and scripture classes focus on Christian values and aim to develop self-worth and social responsibility. One of our primary aims within the Sydney Adventist School System is that we help your child develop strength of character and hold sound christian principles. Your child will experience activities and lessons through programs and opportunities that are designed to teach the value of life and respect for others and oneself. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in several programs which offer involvement in the local community and provide students with life-changing experiences. Our school presents students with many opportunities to develop an understanding for the needs of others through classroom projects for various charities visits to neighbouring nursing homes and preschools and several other programs. Every child has an opportunity to lead in some way. All classes lead in weekly assemblies and chapels which offers each child performance and leadership opportunities.

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