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Hills Adventist College

84 Cecil Avenue

Castle Hill (Castle Hill Campus ELC - Year 4) NSW2154

Tel: 02 9634 2199

Fax: 02 9899 6631

Email: info@hills.

Website: www.hills.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Seventh Day Adventist

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Outstanding Education

Hills Adventist College offers your child a superior educational opportunity that builds on a careful foundation in key learning areas. We are a dual campus College with our Early Learning Centre to Year 4 based at our Kellyville Campus (84 Cecil Ave) and Year 5 - 12 based on our new campus in North Kellyville (4 Gumnut Close). We challenge each student to discover their particular gifts and talents in a variety of ways and believe that each child is special. As part of the Adventist school system we will support and encourage the needs of your child regardless of religious or cultural background and we have an emphasis on caring for all aspects of their development and growth.

A Caring Environment

At Hills Adventist College we provide a safe and happy environment for your child to learn within a supportive community. Our enthusiastic Highly professional teaching team focus on nurturing the strengths of our students. We provide our older students with peer support training and encourage them to participate in mentoring their younger schoolmates. We offer an excellent early learning program catering for 3 & 4 year olds as well as the convenience of stimulating and secure after school care facilities. Our teachers work together with parents to bring continuity between school and home and are committed to keeping you informed and listening to your concerns. The foundation of our approach to educating your child is our secure and nurturing school environment. We create this environment through appreciation for individual needs respect for the children in our care and support for their values and opinions. Through this approach we will help your child to reach their full potential whilst developing self-esteem and an appreciation for the needs of others.

A Values Education

Because we take a holistic approach to education we nurture character development and spirituality. In our special values education program we highlight the importance of wise decision making and focus on positive values. Through fostering leadership skills and respect for others students develop into well rounded and responsible citizens. Lively weekly chapel services class devotionals and scripture classes focus on Christian values and aim to develop self-worth and social responsibility. One of our primary aims within the Seventh - day Adventist school system is that we help your child develop strength of character and hold sound christian principles. Your child will experience activities and lessons through programs and opportunities that are designed to teach the value of life and respect for others and themselves. Developing leadersYour child will have the opportunity to participate in several programs which offer involvement in the local community and provide students with life-changing experiences. Our school also presents students with many opportunities to develop an understanding for the needs of others through classroom projects for various charities visits to neighbouring nursing homes and several other programs.

A Learning Environment

We maintain small class sizes so that teachers can get to know the individual needs of each child. Our students demonstrate a high level of competence in basic skills indicated by standardised test results and awards in academic competitions. We have well-resourced classrooms alibrary and a computer laboratory to provide ideal learning environments and allow your child to develop the expertise needed for today’s world. At Hills Adventist College we value creativity. This is fostered and affirmed in our art and music programs. Students can be part of the school band as well as having the opportunity for individual music tuition. An active lifestyle is an important part of our school program. Our daily PE program fosters consistent fitness and our students benefit from the expertise of specialist instructors in gymnastics athletics and swimming. Our annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals are great events for uniting school and family and our ASISSA membership (All Suburbs Independent Schools Sporting Association) gives our students the challenge of inter-school competition.

Middle School

Hills Adventist College is able to provide your child with unique transition to high school. Our teachers will nurture each child and addresses the needs and interests of adolescents. The transition from primary school to high school can be a stressful and sometimes difficult one. And we believe that our approach will greatly benefit as it will ease the issues young students are faced with the move. Our pastoral care program christian counseling and school chaplain will offer many avenues to ensure that each student is emotionally supported in all aspects of school life. At Hills Adventist College we have designed a program into the curriculum that focuses on Integrated Thinking Skills to help students make wise decisions and solve problems. This approach is unique and we strongly believe that each student benefits from this method of teaching as it proactive and encourages them to think more about each topic which results in greater academic for the student. The students will also be involved in a resilience program that equips each student and prepares them to face life’s challenges.

Early Learning Centre

Hills Adventist College has an Early Learning Centre with two Prep classes and One Pre-School Class. Prep or Pre-Kindy is an alternative to preschool or day care where children learn through fun and gain basic principles to prepare them for their first year of school. Many consider it a great transition to school and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. Children are exposed to literacy phonics numbers and life skills all important skills for life learning. • A strong transition to school for your child• Flexible attendance• A purpose built learning environment• In the safety of school grounds learning through fun• Prep is for children aged 4 by the end of March• Pre-school is also offered on the same grounds for 3 year oldsThe Prep program is designed to help children adapt quickly to the routines of school. Ultimately prep is a caring environment where learning is FUN!

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