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Geelong Baptist College

Anakie Road

Lovely Banks VIC3213

Tel: 03 5276 1674

Fax: 03 5276 1675

Email: enquiries@geelongbc. org

Website: www.geelongbc. org

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Inter-Denominational

About the College

Geelong Baptist College is a modern co-educational school with 250 students from Prep to Year 12. It is established on Christian values Has an open enrolment policy and consists of a small close-knit community where parents students and teachers work together assisting students to pursue academic excellence. Established in 2002 we are a young and vibrant school located in a lovely semi-rural setting only 10 kilometers from the centre of Geelong and run our own buses.

What our families say about the College

Families value our high educational standards the strong academic programs the caring community the consistent and restorative discipline policy the thoughtful dedicated staff and the values and morals taught. Families know that our teachers work as a united team encouraging and supporting each other focusing on student needs. Parents see that teachers have a genuine interest in their children and that they go beyond mere classroom teaching valuing each individual student and their particular life journey.

2013 Tuition Fees: Primary $2640 - $2850 Secondary $4980 - $5500 (all inclusive and offering sibling discounts).


We believe that schooling should be a positive stimulating experience where every student can explore and develop their individual abilities in a safe and challenging environment.


The College aims to develop in students the ability to: • demonstrate initiative self discipline integrity and compassion in their life style• be proud of oneself and withstand peer and other pressures• work hard and to strive for success in personal life in further education and in employment• be responsible confident respectful and reliable young adults

Curriculum and Extra Curricular Activities

THE COLLEGE CURRICULUMAll areas of the curriculum are covered including programs which address appropriate issues and needs. We ensure learning is relevant and engaging. Emphasis is placed on a balance of physical health personal well-being and scholarship. * In Secondary we have a strong focus on assisting students to attain an understanding about future pathways and careers. We continue to offer Year 10 Work Experience. WHAT WE OFFER• VCAL courses in addition to VCE courses• Year Nine Program for one day a week in Semester Two• Community partnership with Saddle On - enhancing students’ physical and personal well being including team skills resiliency and self esteem through horse riding bMX biking archery and hands on work skills. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES• Sporting teams music groups public speaking debating subject-specific competitions• At times special programs are run (eg Book Week multicultural Day) to ensure students of all ages meet and learn from each other.

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