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Ellenbrook Christian College

5 Santona Boulevard

Ellenbrook WA6069

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Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Early Learning: Yes

Sporting Academy: Yes

About Our School

Located in one of Perth's youngest and fastest growing communities Ellenbrook Christian College offers a Kindergarten to Year 12 education. The emphasis at the college is on the education of the child as a whole - emotionally academically physically and spiritually. The college views itself not as an educational institution but as an educational community. The concept of community is the key. Children are taught to value and show compassion for all of God's people - locally nationally and internationally. The success of the college is measured by the quality of the people - staff students and parents - and the relationships between them.

School Structure & Governance

Ellenbrook Christian College offers an education program from Kindergarten to Year 12. The College is owned and operated bySwan Christian Education Association Inc. SCEA is dedicated to establishing and maintaining Christian schools in Australia and operates seven schools in Perth with over 3700 students and 450 staff. SCEA is a member of the Australian Association of Christian Schools the Australian Independent Schools of Western Australia and has operated schools since 1982.

Primary School

In Primary emphasis is placed both on the curriculum itself and also the context for learning. The curriculum has a distinctly Christian flavour to reflect the belief that all life and learning originates from God. Also the emphasis on mind body and spirit reflects the belief that spiritual well-being is as important as physical and mental well-being. Students are encouraged to participate in reading the Bible and praying (devotions) singing spiritual songs and learning about the Christian faith during Christian Living lessons. Teachers may also use opportunities in everyday subjects to highlight a Christian and/or alternative perspective.

Secondary School

Secondary Education is in a stage of significant educational reform and parents are choosing our College as the secondary school of choice for academic opportunity and pastoral excellence. The WA Curriculum Framework guides the curriculum and pedagogy delivered to all students from Years 8 to 10; our Christian values underpin the safe and nurturing pastoral environment. Since 2009 all Year 11 students in Western Australia have been enrolled in new courses of study and/or endorsed programs. The Curriculum Council develops and accredits courses establishes assessment policies conducts examinations and certifies student achievement. The role of the College is to partner with our parents and students as we implement Curriculum Council directives. By Year 12 students continue to build on their previous learning areas and they look forward to many special Year 12 occasions. The College takes seriously its responsibility to determine how all courses are delivered from Year 8 to Year 12. Academic selection curriculum exams and reports are led by the Dean of Curriculum. The Heads of Learning Areas work with their specialist teachers to achieve the most successful outcomes for each student. Pastoral Care is led by the Dean of Students who coordinates Student Services the Heads of House and all issues related to student well-being. The Dean of Students' role is supported by the College Chaplain/Counsellor who guides the Christian Living Program and the SURCH Student Fellowship. As a Christian College students are provided with a biblical foundation that will help them develop a Christian worldview as they move into adult education. Cultural and community centred programs enrich the distinctive senior secondary education that students receive at Ellenbrook Christian College.


Co-curricular activities are an important part of Ellenbrook Christian College. Students are encouraged to participate in our wide range of sporting and cultural programs to complement their academic studies. Together with sporting events camping endeavours and media programs ellenbrook offers dance drama and music studies. Throughout the school year Primary and Secondary students have the opportunity to be part of choirs bands and musical productions. The College Cadet program also entices students to take on new challenges. Through outdoor activities this program focuses on developing skills in areas of leadership and first aid.

Golf Academy

ECC’s Golf Academy was established in partnership with The Vines Resort and AAA accredited PGA instructor mr Mark Tibbles’s International Golf Academy in 2006. The Golf Academy is designed to allow students with the aptitude patience and skill to be trained in the finer aspects of the game. The program is run during the regular school week and takes the place of some electives normally taken by students.

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