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Creek Street Christian College

91 Creek Street

Bendigo VIC3550

Tel: 03 5442 1722

Email: info@creekstreet.

Website: www.creekstreet.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Learning Extension: Yes

College Overview

Creek Street Christian College has been established for 31 years and offers a Prep to Year 10 curriculum. Children learn and develop in a Christian based educational environment. The school has dedicated teachers modern facilities awell established educational program acaring approach and affordable fees. With an enrolment of about 200 students the college can provide individual attention to children and our students are well prepared for their Senior years.

Mission Statement

Creek Street Christian College has been established to provide families with a Christian education within a caring and disciplined environment that will enable children to fully develop their God-given talents and academic abilities so that they are able to contribute effectively to the changing society of which they are a part. The College encourages and supports students to develop a positive and wholesome outlook on life to become self-disciplined people and to be responsible and caring members of the community.

Primary School

The Primary School follows a school based curriculum which has been developed over a number of years and which is designed to meet the needs of our pupils. The morning sessions mainly involve class group and where appropriate individual teaching in the core subjects of Mathematics language reading spelling and French. During the afternoon sessions the students are involved in the cultural subjects which include Studies of Society and Environment Health and Physical Education science the Arts and Technology. Within each classroom teachers strive to present work that is stimulating and challenging to the children. The needs of the individuals who have learning difficulties or who transfer into our College with “gaps” in their learning are catered for within the classroom program.

Secondary Curriculum

The College accommodates one group of students at each secondary year level up to year 10. The curriculum drawn up for each year level within the secondary school uses as a basis the Victoria Essential Learning Standards and is sensitive to the Christian philosophy of our College. At years 7 and 8 level all subjects taught are compulsory. These include English mathematics science and SOSE as well as: • Christian Living (including Chapel)• Information Technology• Art• French• Health• Woodwork• Music• Textiles• Food Technology• Physical EducationYear 9 and 10 students have a wide choice of subjects which are offered in groups. These include: Extension Science extension Maths electronics / Inventions iT / Media french and Materials & Design and many others.


The College encourages leadership among students. Secondary students are invited to join a Young Leaders Group which is responsible for a number of community and school projects.

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