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Covenant College

Creamery Road

Bell Post Hill VIC3215

Tel: 03 5278 5122

Email: administration@covenant.

Website: www.covenant.

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Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Christian

. working together

Our vision for education at the College is based on the belief that we are a in PARTNERSHIP with parents. Parents are connected at every level - parents oversee the College as board members parents have direct access to all staff and the College Principal parents are actively involved and valued. Our community is enriched by diversity. We come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and church denominations.

. the gateway to our community

Our 3 & 4 Kindergarten program is based on a PLAY philosophy where exploration and learning are achieved through play. Learning through their ability to touch manipulate and experiment with their surroundings. By providing a stimulating environment that ignites young imaginations apassion for learning is both developed and nurtured.

. developing strong foundations

During the Junior School Years- Foundation - 4the basic foundations of faith learning and behaviour are developed and strengthened. We strive to create a learning environment which is just Happy and positive and one which supports students in their differing learning styles.

. a process of change

Middle School- Years 5-8 involves the learner in exploration creativity and interdisciplinary instruction by means of an integrated curriculum. Teachers work in teams collaborating across disciplines to enhance both teaching and learning. The curriculum stresses the responsibility of living and working in a community. The emphasis is on independent learning and how to help others live and learn.

. making right choices

Senior school - Years 9-12 Our aim is to grow spiritually academically emotionally and socially mature students who are aware of their calling to serve God their neighbour and to be stewards in His creation.

Year 9 'Outback Program'

Students are challenged to develop skills fitness and knowledge in a variety of ways which include community projects community building and community service. Encouraging growth in the areas of servanthood discipleship the character of Christ leadership and excellence. The vision is Serve learn encourage and be encouraged.

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