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Casuarina Steiner School

4 Gentle Street

Coffs Harbour NSW2450

Tel: 02 6651 2770



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Primary

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Welcome to Casuarina Steiner School

Situated on the sub-tropical Mid-North Coast on the edge of beautiful bush land in the beachside city of Coffs Harbour casuarina Steiner School offers a unique education for girls and boys aged 3 to 12 years. The school’s philosophy has grown out of the wisdom and insight of the philosopher scientist and artist Rudolf Steiner. Using his picture of human growth and development casuarina Steiner School is one of over 1000 Steiner schools worldwide. To be able to understand the world achild must first know him/herself feel confident and empowered to achieve his/her potential in life. Steiner education aims to do that.

Steiner Approach

Casuarina Steiner School provides an education that is based on a balanced approach to learning. Alongside a very high standard of academic education our curriculum places great importance on educating the head Heart and hands thereby educating the whole person intellectually artistically socially and morally so as to develop each student’s innate self-discipline and strength of body and will. Our next generation will need to be effective problem solvers be adventurous to thrive in a changing world strong to face the moral and ethical challenges that lie ahead and creative to bring out the beauty in the world and in themselves. Based on the Steiner principles we offer a nurturing environment to address the changing needs and capabilities of children at each stage of their development. Our methods of teaching ensure deep and rounded learning. The Steiner Curriculum is approved by the Australian Department of Education.


Casuarina caters for primary age children from 6 (Class 1) through to 12 (Class 7). Where possible aClass Teacher will be with his/her class for up to 7 years. During their years together children build very strong relationships with the children of their class and their families and their Class Teacher. Teachers come to know where each child needs further development in the academic artistic and social spheres of their lives. The constancy of the class teacher in their lives also brings a feeling of a family group to the class.

Early Childhood

At Casuarina we cater for children in early childhood from the age of 3 to 6 years. Lavender Cottage Parent and Child Group caters for children from 3 years of age accompanied by a parent or carer. These are morning only sessions that help young children start to get used to a daily routine outside of the home. We focus on learning through play and group activities such as baking singing and story-telling. From four and a half years of age children move up to Peach Blossoms. These children are in a mixed age class with Kindergarten children. Our Kindergartners help the new Peach Blossoms to settle into our daily routines and activities. Peach Blossoms generally attend three full days a week. Our Kindergartners' attend five days a week and their confidence grows in leaps and bounds as they become responsible for assisting new Peach Blossoms in the daily rhythms that they are now well familiar with.

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