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Career Tips for Health Communication Graduates

The field of health communication is growing as more employers seek the right professionals who know a lot about health and a lot about marketing. If you attended a school like Boston University and received your health communication degree or your online masters of science in health communication, continue reading for a few career tips to ensure you will have a job that you will love in no time.

Share Your Knowledge as a Health Educator

Anyone who has graduated with a health communication degree but wishes to spend their time educating others on various health topics should consider becoming a health educator. In this position, you will be creating programs that will provide your community with valuable information. You will help people learn the ways that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you can help educate those who do not have access to this information. The good news is that this field is expected to grow about 12% until 2024 and you can earn over $50,000 a year.

Become a Wellness Coordinator

As a wellness coordinator, you will be able to not only create, but also implement, various health promotion programs. You will be working with organizations that give their employees a wellness program, and you will be in charge of health and nutrition within the workplace. You might analyze costs and assist with reducing those costs, and you will also be in charge of policy changes within the company. Your degree in health communication will prepare you for this exciting field, which pays an average of more than $40,000 per year. If you want to work in a business environment and you want to implement a great wellness program for employees, this is the ideal path that you should take.

Write About Important Health Topics

Do you have a flair for writing and a love of sharing information? Then a career in public health journalism could be the right choice for you, especially now that you have your health communication degree. As a journalist in this capacity, you will not only report on news and trends, you will also cover events related to public health. You could work as a writer for a health organization or website, or you might be able to find employment with a magazine or newspaper. If you want to work independently, you can do that as well.

Work as a Marketing and Promotions Expert

Finally, with your health communication degree, you will be qualified to find employment at a variety of medical facilities that need your help in promoting their brand to the masses. You can take everything that you learned about marketing and promotion to bring a wonderful health care organization into the spotlight.

These are just a few of the main career paths that you can enter into when you have graduated with a degree in health communication. With your expertise, you can work in a variety of roles, so you can always switch paths if you want to in the future as well.


Becoming a Health Educator | Boston University


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