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Brighton Grammar School

90 Outer Crescent

Brighton VIC3186

Tel: 03 8591 2202

Email: jhudson@brightongrammar.

Website: www.brightongrammar.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Boys

Religious Affiliation: Anglican

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Outstanding Education for Boys

At Brighton Grammar School we celebrate boys - their effort their independence their passion and their achievements. With a history of more than 125 years devoted to teaching boys we are well equipped to meet their developmental needs at every stage of their education.

What We Offer

Brighton Grammar School is a mid-sized single campus anglican school for boys that prides itself on knowing each boy as an individual. Our school has an Early Learning Centre aJunior School middle School and Senior School on one expansive campus which is serviced by outstanding facilities. We offer boys a broad well-balanced education with emphasis not only on the academic but on a well-rounded education which includes the spiritual social aesthetic and physical development of each boy. We offer a teaching staff made up of people who love teaching boys. Every teacher has made a career choice to teach boys. We offer parents the primary educators opportunity to be involved in a dynamic educational partnership for the benefit of their boys. We offer prospective parents an open entry policy for their boys. Any boy can be enrolled at Brighton Grammar School so long as we can meet his needs. We have a diverse student body representing a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. We offer a strong academic curriculum as well as a broad range of co-curricular programs. The School has a proud history of outstanding results while emphasising the importance of the broadest possible education.

Broad Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to challenge and extend our boys within a supportive framework. In the early years we have a major focus on literacy numeracy and thinking. This focus is extended in the early secondary school where students study two languages core subjects such as Science mathematics english History and Geography as well as being exposed to more active learning in the fields of IT drama music art woodcraft and PE. Our senior secondary curriculum is focussed on the VCE and we have a proud record of excellent results at the end of Year 12. All students are encouraged to maintain a balance of subjects thinking more about developing a set of thinking and learning skills than the acquisition of particular factual knowledge.

Non Academic Program

Brighton Grammar School provides a challenging range of sports and activities throughout the School. This includes Sports and Physical Education outdoor Education community Service and Excursions. There are a large number of cultural activities in which boys can become involved including a thriving Chess club and a strong Debating and Public Speaking tradition. Other areas include involvement in the Senior School Production mooting competitions and a very strong Music program with numerous concerts.

Outstanding Facilities

Brighton Grammar School comprises Junior middle and Senior Schools all on one expansive campus and serviced by outstanding facilities. • Extensive playing ovals• FIFA standard artificially surfaced soccer pitch• Physical Education Centre incuding a weights and conditioning centre• Tennis courts/basketball courts• Swimming pool• Creative Arts Centre including specialist areas for Music graphics art and Materials and Technology• Specialist science laboratories• Assembly Halls in each section of the School• Computer centres• Three libraries including a Senior School Library and Resource Centre• Numerous specialist classrooms.

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