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Type: Independent

Level: Senior

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-DenominationalTrade School: Yes

An Indepedent Senior School with a Trade Focus - Your Future in Industry begins here.

At AITC Year 11 and 12 students finish their senior secondary education while also beginning a school-based apprenticeship in an industry. The goal of the college is to give young people the best of both worlds. That is the completion of their senior education while they commence their apprenticeship with significant work experience. The College implements a unique curriculum which allows young people to study senior QSA courses for four weeks followed by four weeks full time as an Australian school-based apprentice in the real world of industry. We give rise to a New Breed of Apprentice incorporating Traditional Values education and Good Work Ethic. The AITC offers: -• Opportunities for young people who are choosing Trades as their career of first choice while completing their senior studies and• Opportunities for Industry looking for an improved standard of apprentice. An AITC graduate will be: -• Keen to work• Productive in the workplace• Educated to a senior level (receiving their Queensland School Certificate)• Experienced in the industry of their choice (over 1500 hrs completed) and• Focused on a long-term career in the industry. The AITC will provide extensive industry support for each student with a dedicated Case Manager. The Case Manager will provide leadership and support for them as they commence the process of entering the workforce. This unique and flexible cirriculum has been developed to meet the needs of Industry and provides the student-apprentices' with trade training and work placement.

Education and Opportunities

The AITC has developed an innovative senior educational program that meets the requirements of the Queensland Studies Authority and has the flexibility to respond to the needs of industry. AITC young people attend college in 4 - 8 week 'modules' or blocks and are in a work placement for the remainder of the term. Each learning module is a distinct unit with study in English maths business and Information Technology Programs. Young people are required to complete and submit a number of assessable tasks by the end of each module. The AITC is a QLD registered senior college which offers approved courses leading to the award of the Queensland Certificate of Education. The AITC is also an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) governed by the ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority). AITC students attend college in four week 'modules' or blocks and are in a work placement for the remainder of the term. Each learning module is a distinct unit with study in English maths and nationally certified qualifications in Business and Information digital Media and Technology programs (Certificate I and II level). Students are required to complete and submit a number of assessable tasks by the end of each module. Our young people study two QSA subjects and four nationally registered qualifications which upon completion give them 20 credit points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education.

Which Trades does the AITC offer?

AITC graduates can have up to 45% of their trade qualification completed by the end of Year 12. An Australian School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SATs) is designed to allow the young people of the AITC to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship in industry while completing their senior education. The AITC will facilitate the transition from school to a career in industry through an Australian School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SATs). Following a pre-apprenticeship training program that includes first aid tool and equipment knowledge and use employability skills and OH&S they commence their career via structured work experience that culminates in selection by the employer as apprentice or trainee. At the completion of their two years at the AITC their SATs is typically converted into a full-time apprenticeship with their employer with up to one third of their apprenticeship completed. Besides the most commonly sought after carpentry plumbing and electrical apprenticeships there are over 300 apprenticeships and traineeships you can choose - be brave and explore!

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